The Euro 2012

Article written by Biking circle

If you are a fan of football or not, you will be aware that the Euro 2012 has just started. It’s hard not to get excited about it,as its sixteen nations being brought together to compete and entertain us all.

The tournament will be held in Poland and Ukraine between 8th June and 1st July 2012. This will be the first time either nation has hosted the tournament. The winner of the Euro 2012 will automatically gain entry to the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup. This will be hosted in Brazil.

The UEFA European Football Championship (Euro 2012) will be shared between the two countries, four venues in Poland and four venues in Ukraine.

Here is a list of all the eight venues and the capacity they hold. The groups that are playing at which venue and the dates. So you will able to plan the rest of your life around the games that you want to watch!!

The Poland Venues

Warsaw: National Stadium capacity of 58145. Three games in Group A

• 8th June Poland v Greece

• 12th June Poland v Russia

• 16thJune Greece v Russia

• 21st June one quarter final – Winner of group A v Runner up of group B

• 28th June one semi-final – Winners of Q/F 2 and 4

Wroclaw: Municipal Stadium capacity of 44416. Three games from Group A

• 8th June Russia v Czech Republic

• 12th June Greece v Czech Republic

• 16th June Czech Republic v Poland

Gdansk: PGE Arena capacity of 44636. Three groups in Group C

• 10th June Spain v Italy

• 14th June Spain v Republic Of Ireland

• 18th June Croatia v Spain

• 22nd June on quarter final – Winner of group B v Runner up of group A

Poznan: City Stadium capacity of 43090. Three groups from Group C

• 10th June Republic Of Ireland v Croatia

• 14th June Italy v Croatia

• 18th June Italy v Republic Of Ireland

The Ukraine Venues

Kiev: Olympic Stadium capacity of 70050. Three games in Group D

• 11th June Ukraine v Sweden

• 15th June Sweden v England

• 19th Sweden v France

• 24th June one quarter final – Winner of group D v Runner up of group C

• 1st July THE FINAL

Donestsk: Donbass Arena capacity of 51504. Three groups from Group D

• 11th June France v England

• 15th June Ukraine v France

• 19th June England v Ukraine

• 23rd June one quarter final – Winner of group C v Runner up of group D

• 27th June one semi-final – Winners of Q/F 1 and 3

Kharkiv: Metalist Stadium capacity of 38863. Three games in Group B

• 9th June Netherlands v Denmark

• 13th June Netherlands v Germany

• 17th June Portugal v Netherlands

Lviv: Arena Lviv capacity of 34915. Three games in Group B

• 9th June Germany v Portugal

• 13th June Denmark v Portugal

• 17th June Denmark v Germany

Here is a list of the nations that have won the UEFA European Football Championships in previous years

2008 Spain

2004 Greece

2000 France

1996 Germany

1992 Denmark

1988 Netherlands

1984 France

1980 Germany

1976 Czechoslovakia

1972 Germany

1968 Italy

1964 Spain

1960 USSR