The science behind soccer jerseys

The two most key pieces of soccer gear are the shoes and uniforms. Regarding technology, sportswear makers tend to highlight the shoes, even though the jerseys have as much of an impact on a player’s performance. Unless you are buying soccer jerseys for cheap, you will come across some form of new technology.

Sportswear companies tend to introduce and highlight new advances at major sporting events. Often, the soccer world cup is the event when a company launches a new line of soccer gear. Fans can get replica jerseys of the new lines online.

Before a launch, the brands first test the new jerseys internally. Once there is enough of an improvement, there are trial runs with players in the field. When they complete those tests, sponsored players are given test units to wear in domestic matches. Finally, they launch the new line with new designs and promotions.

Regarding technology, all the major kit suppliers have innovations. Here are a couple:

Puma introduced ACTV tape: The ACTV tape is placed strategically in the garment. It provides micro-massage to the player to specific muscle areas, which helps promote energy supply to the muscles.

Adidas added Adizero to Climacool: The new Adidas kits is a fusion of its Adizero technology, first seen on the F50 shoes, with Climacool. In addition to moisture and sweat management, it resists pilling and is anti-microbial. The biggest change is that the new jerseys are 40% lighter.