Choosing the right soccer shoe

Written by Soccer

Soccer cleats and shoes come in a variety designs, colors and they come in models that are made specially for men, women, children. Aside from the cosmetic differences, the biggest two differences are based on the area of play and the gender of the wearer.

The biggest difference is based on where the shoes will be used. Indoor soccer shoes are very different to outdoor models. The indoor pairs will have smooth non marking soles for the artificial indoor surfaces. The outdoor models come with cleats for better grip on grass. Some of the cleats will even have metal tips, though that is not allowed in all leagues.

The other difference is between men and women’s soccer shoes. Shoes from all brands like Adidas soccer cleats will have the gender specific models. Women’s soccer cleats tend to be narrow at the front and have additional support built in. Men’s are wider and will only carry extra stability support on certain lines.

Choosing the right shoe takes time. Go shopping for a shoe with that expectation. Make sure the sizing is just right and try on both pairs of every model you are interested in. Do not be shy to ask for additional models even though the current one is fine. In addition, if there is any pain at all when trying on shoes, then the sizing is wrong.