How to Provide Soccer Equipment to Under-Privileged Kids

Written by: Argentina Soccer Jersey Shop

It’s a sad reality that there is a segment of our population who probably can’t afford to play organized team sports. The good news is that soccer is one of the most affordable sports on the planet, and has become a favorite of many under-developed nations around the world because of that accessibility. Anyone can grab a replica soccer jersey, some shoes and a ball to hit the pitch.

Organized sports offer team-building skills, social skills and physical benefits too. Teens who engage in sports typically don’t stay obese (if they ever were to begin with), and they benefit psychologically too. Being a part of a team can feel invigorating, and can push individuals to excel.

Many of us who read this blog want to do more than just be a casual soccer observer. If that’s you, read on for tips on how you can help the under-privileged kids in your community.

Apply for Grants

Grants aren’t hard to get if you know what you’re doing, but you need to have a compelling idea behind your request. Start by looking into organizations at the local level to see what grants are on offer. Once you’ve searched for some grants, be sure to download the application packages. Set a budget for the amount of money you want, and see how that budget clicks with what’s on offer. In some cases, you may need more than one grant. One might cover soccer jerseys for the team, while the other would cover practice equipment.


Lots of restaurants offer fundraising events you can use to gain some extra financial support. In some cases, you can sell directly to individuals. In others, members of your community raise funds when they shop at a certain location for a set period of time. Although you’ll need to push hard on your end to get the word out, these fundraisers can offer you a good amount of cash for your league without the resource intensive hunt that comes with grant writing.

Partner with Businesses

Some businesses will offer sponsorship to teams, which helps get their name out. Sponsoring a child’s soccer team also has the benefit of making a business seem socially responsible. It’s easier than you might think, though you may need to canvas a few businesses personally to get the job done. Typically, sponsorship also comes with the commitment that you will affix the corporate logo to your team’s soccer jersey, but advertising on soccer jerseys is not a new concept.

Final Thoughts

The challenge of helping kids without the means to help themselves confronts us each day. Here is our opportunity to do something about it.