The Top Three Compelling Reasons to Upgrade Your Soccer Cleats

Written by: Top Soccer Buy 

With all the soccer gear to care for, sometimes it’s difficult to know when you should replace each piece. This article will help you decide if it’s time to set aside your old cleats and get a new pair of Adidas soccer shoes.


Did you know that since cleats have been getting lighter and quicker, they’ve also lost some of their durability? While it used to be possible to get a couple seasons in with a single pair, it’s now recommended to get a replacement pair each season you play just to cope with normal wear and tear. However, be especially attentive to any tearing or holes and replace a pair if this occurs. No one wants to miss the game winning play because their cleats fell apart. The material of the field you play on will also impact how quickly your cleats begin to wear out. The rough terrain of artificial turf will wear down cleats quicker than a natural grass.

Your Position

If you change the position that you play, you may want to purchase cleats that are designed to the strengths of your role. A defensive player looking for more protection could find the adidas Predator to their liking, while an offensive player could look for a lightweight boot that provides excellent speed and ball control. Your cleats should emphasize the strengths you’re playing towards

Composition and Design

You could want to switch from a synthetic to a leather boot, or vice versa. A synthetic cleat will generally be lighter weight, quicker, but offer less protection. On the other hand, ones made of leather tend to be more comfortable and offer more protection, but is heavier and harder to clean. Depending on what you prefer, a versatile cleat like the Adidas f50 combined the best of a lightweight boot with design built for ball control.

Leather cleats will stretch and conform to your feet over time, which is why they tend to be more comfortable. However, after extended use it will eventually stretch too far resulting in a poor fit. For this reason, leather cleats should be replaced regularly; even if there isn’t visible signs of tearing.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s because a new season is starting, they’re wearing out, or because you want to try out another style, replacing your cleats is important to keeping you at the top of your game.