Why Adidas are worth the extra cost

Written by: Soccer Shoes.us

Obviously, finding the right fit for your foot is the most important element to consider when buying shoes, but if you’re buying soccer equipment, there’s a very good chance that you’ll wind up looking at the premium brands and wondering if they’re worth the extra cash. Well, when it comes to Adidas, it almost always is.


Form and Design

Adidas soccer shoes stick with tried and true methods, and they offer them in whatever variety suits you best. If you’re hard on your shoes, you can find Adidas with replaceable sole plates that will let you extend the life of your cleats. Similarly, you can get studs that can be changed out for bladed, conical, or even metal options depending on the field or the weather. Bladed studs are better at spreading out the pressure on your feet, which can help the shoe to wear more evenly, and can even make things a little easier on your feet. Bladed studs also tend to give smoother traction, so if you’re especially light on your feet or if the field is slick that day, bladed may be the way to go.

If you’re worried about injury, conical studs could be a better option, as they let you grip and release the ground faster, and they offer more contact with the ground which means you’re less likely to slip and injure your knees or ankles. Adidas can offer you either of these options in attachable or molded form depending on what you want and what the field needs, with customizable options that can allow you to add or remove studs for hard turf or a muddy, soggy day.


Feel and Break-In Period

Adidas soccer cleats beat out the competition in many ways, but perhaps most of all, they tend to break in faster than their competitors. Changing to new shoes can always be a pain, especially if you have to do it mid-season and you don’t get a chance to properly break the shoes in during practices. With adidas, the more precise fit means fewer blisters and cramps from jamming your foot into a stiff shoe that won’t loosen up. This means when you finally do wear out one pair, you can quickly switch to a new pair without too much hassle, and you can keep training without any dips in your performance, which gives you an edge over the other players who insist on wearing anything less than Adidas.